Vielen Dank – Thank You!

We are beyond grateful for the generosity that so many people, 38 to be precise, have demonstrated by believing in our work as artists – ‘Island Revival’ is a reality and we are already planning our travel dates for June. Our first trip to the north of Scotland is fast approaching, so now it’s time to organize all the necessary equipment to bring with us. This includes some fancy microphones, plenty of battery power (there are also some interesting solar-power solutions but we’re talking about Scotland here people), and plenty of waterproof clothing and backpacks. It will likely be pretty adventurous at times and we need to be prepared for the surprises that are undoubtedly waiting for us – why should it be any other way?!

Now that things are truly underway, this blog will be refreshed more often with photos, interesting links, and other items connected with our research and the islands. We intend to make it something fun, interesting, and hopefully useful as a detailed archive of our journey during the whole project. So, bookmark it now!

Enjoy this little celebratory video – saxophone included! The album is ‘Jungle Fever’ by Neil Larsen, a real treat from my late Uncle John’s collection! Listen to that tooty sax!

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