Landing in Caithness, Scotland

We are at the beginning of our Island Revival journey and start with the beautiful northeast corner of Scotland – Caithness. Dunnet Bay specifically is our home for the next couple weeks and we’re super lucky to have met some really great people already here. This video was shot a couple days ago, but due to some seriously 1990s internet connections (remember the beep and screech of the 56k 28.8k, or even 14.4k modems? woopsy!)  an upload has not been possible until now.

Sunday morning comes tomorrow and the owner of Stroma, William Simpson, will be getting us over to the island for the day. It seems that camping might not be possible there, but we’ll be able to talk with him in person about that tomorrow.

It has been fascinating to learn some new things about this area and we’ve even had the chance to explore a beautiful farm just outside of Wick. Little lambs and glamorous highland cows are pretty great to visit up close. Mara and I even tried our hand with a shotgun. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this twin peaks tinged video and we’ll try to get some photos or sound clips from Stroma on the blog as soon as we can.

UPDATE— Finally got this to upload as we’re heading out to Stroma. The weather looks promising today (not too much rain, and above 15 degrees celsius) so we are in good spirits and are looking forward to the boat crossing over the Pentland Firth – one of Scotland’s trickiest waterways!

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