Resonant Landscape Marl


stainless steel pipes, wire, various rocks, mirror tiles, vibrational transducers, 4-channel sound composition

This edition of Resonant Landscape follows the form of the original installation produced in Spain. However, rather than focusing on ideas  around the agricultural situation and use of water in the region of Murcia with its endless citrus, almond, and olive plantations, this work is given a new context in Marl, Germany where the various minerals and substances in the earth’s crust has driven much of its local economy. All the materials for the piece have been gathered in the Ruhr area, creating a strong connection to the local landscape around Marl. As in the first edition of Resonant Landscape, the acoustic bodies of the steel pipes are activated to uncover the hidden voices of each object.

Resonant Landscape was nominated for the 2018 European Sound Art Award, selected by the jury for the Marler  Media Prize.

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