Port Im Sturm

(Port in a Storm)


paint, wood, life rings, loudspeakers, nylon rope.

Port im Sturm is a temporary public installation at the termination of the Lend canal in Klagenfurt, Austria. Visitors are led to a safe haven by a chaotic and unpredictable world of risks and harsh realities: A white gate over the steps leading down into the Lend canal’s harbor serves as a portal and transition point between the outside world and the space created by the installation. Loudspeakers within the portal provide a constantly-changing soundscape – upon entry one hears the clap of thunder or the pummeling of a hailstorm. Continuing through the portal a more calming mix of chatty wildlife, gentle streams, and windblown grass is heard from inside the portal, signalling that the storm has passed. From the portal the eyes are directed to the historic pump house in the Lendhafen, which is transformed into a lighthouse by the artists. A light beam emanates from the lighthouse, creating an atmosphere of arrival and safety.

The vernissage evening also featured a live sound performance from Tyler Lewis, comprised of manipulated field recordings that complemented the sound installation in the portal.


photos by Gerhard Zacharias-Maurer




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