Tilting at Windmills

Terra Nova [neuland]

lacquered wooden forms, solar-powered wind-turbine models, loudspeakers, 4-channel sound composition

Terra Nova [neuland] is an exhibition featuring installation artworks that question the methods of how we make use of natural resources and speculate about what kind of future may be on the horizon. Individual artworks navigate issues like the commodification of water, the reforming of natural landscapes for our benefit, the normalization of renewable energy, and the traces we may be leaving behind as a species.

Tilting at Windmills uses field recordings from wind parks in the Thüringen and Sachsen-Anhalt regions of Germany and considers the sonic contributions that wind turbines add to the natural environment. The loudspeakers are situated in colored, wooden enclosures that act as visual symbols for the types of landscapes wind energy can be generated.

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