donated wool clothing, copper-sulfate crystals

Floater is an installation springing from the idea that our material possessions are being embedded in the crust of the earth, contributing to the Anthropocene. The various sweaters, scarves, and caps are encased in copper sulphate crystals – an artificial production of a natural phenomenon, which refers to our un-natural, long-lasting contributions to the planet’s strata. At the same time, the permanence of humanity’s impact on the planet crystallizes within us.

Terra Nova [neuland] is an exhibition featuring installation artworks that question the methods of how we make use of natural resources and speculate about what kind of future may be on the horizon. Individual artworks investigate issues like the commodification of water, the reforming of natural landscapes for our benefit, and the traces we may be leaving behind as a species.

The artists are simultaneously creating another Terra Nova in their art practice, experimenting with unfamiliar media and exploring new methods of expression in the works.


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