Crystal Interface

Crystal Interface is a collaborative sound installation combining visual art with sound. This immersive work is a place for listening, and for physically exploring the visual space created by the artists. A landscape is constructed by combining real geological specimens with fabricated ones, the latter becoming physical sound objects through the use of vibrational transducers. A rhythmic dialogue across a multi-channel audio environment grows out of the sonic interplay between these sculptural entities. Crystals function in both scientific and metaphorical ways, interfacing between the animate and inanimate, the organic and inorganic. Crystal formations may appear lifeless, even as corpses, but they hint at life; its growth and movement. In Crystal Interface the active sound environment becomes the life of the crystals, the individual crystal sound objects forming a compound sonic space.

plated steel sculptures, geological specimens, wooden pallets, vibrational transducers, 6-channel sound composition

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